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Why do Moslems Hate the United States?
A letter from Ramsey Clark concerning a million+ dead and links on East Timor.
Strike them with thy staff
What should we do about Afghanistan.

The World Trade Center and Why it happened?
The view from His Kingdom.

UCC Redemption vs. JC Redemption
     UCC Redemption proponents offer 'cure all claims' and 'silver bullet solutions' to present dilemmas in the struggle for freedom and independence. One of the reasons the world is in such trouble today is because we are to willing to sign on to offers that sound to good to be true. If we will grab at straws in desperation why not grab at strawmen? I believe there are some deadly flaws hidden among the truths of the UCC redemption process.

Stepping on a Church in your town. IBT? What it's all about.
Martial Law. Is it coming or is it here
Latest Articles on Religious freedom and the land
HR 1691 RH To Protect Religious Liberty [NOT!!!!!]
Good News! Bad News!Monkey'ing around with your life.

The ekklesia Newsletter Issue 11
The Winds of Change - The Winds of War
  • On the street where you live Urban Warriors coming to your city.
  • The Winds of War and Peace Setting the course of WAR. Like a thief in the night.
  • See recent events of the sun earth connection. CME and me..
  • So! What does this have to do with the ekklesia?
    The ekklesia, relating to these present and coming events.

  • Articles from The ekklesia Newsletter Issue 10
    Rule by Edict.... The EMPEROR Speaks
    New lamps for old ..... Setting the course of education..
    Hot Comets.......... Fire and Brimstone coming your way.

    Articles from the ekklesia Newsletter issue 9
    The Seal Deal....National Identification......The 666 section.............

    While Rome burned Nero fiddled and
    while Rome fiddled Nero came to power.

          Many people have been abused in the system. People are being imprisoned and tortured unjustly every day.. Many have been murdered while most of America sits comfortably in there homes. Like NAZI Germany most of the people trusted Hitler because the trains ran on time, the economy was better than it use to be. The people looked the other way, or didn't look at all, because THEY were comfortable.
          There was a time I would not have believed the stories of abuse. But I have seen it first hand. I have seen them arrested, robbed and beaten with no provication. I have seen this and fought the injustice, only to have the records distorted, destroyed and sealed. I have been threatened and intimidated.
          The mainstream press is little to no help. The few honest people in government are either afraid, helpless or both. The abusers greatest asset is your ignorance and apathy.

          Wake up America!


  • Attack on Church and follow up.
    Christians fasted for one month while held in jail for attending Church.

  • Abraham's Story.
    One man's journey in the wilderness.

  • Two men released from jail.
    Christians fasted for one month while held in jail for attending Church.

  • See why stories by the establishment press can be turned over.
    If you do not have the faith of Jesus have at least the faith of Moses and go again to the Pharoah and say, "Let my people go, that they may serve me."

  • February 22, 1998

  • February 22, 1998

  • February 22, 1998

  • February 22, 1998

  • Police Forbid Posting of Public Notices
    First Amendment trashed by Marion County employees.

  • Special Ordinance Passed to Prohibit Church From Posting Notices
    First Amendment trashed by city Mayor and city police.

  • Two Church Members Jailed for going to Church.
    Armed and drinking Vigilantes aided and abetted by county employees to persecute Church goers.

  • Church Sanctuary Desecrated and Buildings Burned.
    Church property robbed, desecrated and set afire.

  • Church land to be raped of trees.
         The beautiful Church ground and retreat area that has been a refuge and spiritual sanctuary for those attending the Church as well as a home for a family of spotted owls for many years is being stripped of its value.

  • Armed men patrolling for Christians who want to go to Church.
    Armed men are drinking and patrolling the Church property 24 hours a day.

  • January 1998 Persecution of the Church
    and its people.

  • My Dad Set Our House on Fire
    The truth about your father.

  • A Visual Diet
    What you see is what you get.
    Dearest friends,
          I spent a week in jail for walking into the court house (I have been permanently banned!) and for speaking out about the truth and the court tried to dismiss the racketeering complaint while I was incarcerated by sending it to judge Pamela Abernethy, who is a criminal named in the case and the state''s motion requested waiver of oral hearing....I got out two days early and we got this response in before they could act......Thank you to all of you who came to the jail and protested.....they locked down the whole jail the days that you did this.....mail that was sent to me was confiscated every day and not returned to the sender....
    Full Text.

          On October 16, l998, in Marion County, acting Governor John Kitzhaber, Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Carson and Attorney General Hardy Meyers were charged with RACKETEERING in an amended complaint filed by Will and Pamela Gaston of Mt. Angel, Oregon. They are named as coconspirators along with seventy other individuals, including thirteen judges who are retaliating against the Gaston family for exposing the criminal acts committed against themselves and their children by the State of Oregon agencies and courts.
    Full Text.

    by Pamela Gaston, A Voice For Children
          On August l7, l998 Pamela Gaston went on trial in Marion County on charges of resisting arrest and criminal trespass. The charges stemmed from her arrest on April l7, l998 in the Marion County Courthouse by Marion County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. David McMullen.

          Hearing the case was Judge Charles Luukinen from Polk County. Prosecuting the case was Marion County Deputy District Attorney Sarah Snyder. This was the second time in six months that Pamela Gaston faced criminal prosecution for her attempt to recover, from State Offices For Services To Children and Family (SOSCF), the custody of Malissa Gaston, the seven year old daughter of her husband Wilbur Gaston.

    Full Text.

          It is just a sample of the corruption rampant in America today. I have personally sat in these court rooms and seen worse than this story can even paint.
    Gregory at the ekklesia

    Strike the Sun - Explode
    Changes in the Sun
    Changes in the Solar System
    Changes in the earth
    Rings around the weather

    Emperor Qlinton. Comments on Federalism
    an Executive Order of the president of the U.S. from England

          President Clinton's new Executive Orders [13083 May 14, 1998], entitled Federalism, is a major step towards rendering state legislatures to a mostly ceremonial status, with most major laws ("policies") enacted or controlled and run by federal agencies.
    Full Text.

          In the Statesman Journal last Tuesday an article described how a Salem man, William Mayhar, was forced to leave the courthouse after alledgedly making violent threats, according to the courthouse spokesman who sumbitted the story. On Wednesday, another article described how Mr. Mayhar on Tuesday, had been arrested in the courthouse. In these articles, Mr. Mayhar described that he is a constitutional defender and is being attacked for defending his rights to represent himself.
          There have actually been six such incidents in the last four months whereby constitutional defenders have been attacked and falsely arrested in the courthouse. Why no report of any of these violent incidents?
    Full Text.

    You are in whose Army now? What every man or woman should read before going into the military. [CLICK HERE]

    Thou shalt not steal
    Large Organized Group of CHILD PREDATORS strikes again (posted May 8, 1998)

          On May 5, 1997, while I waited in the hospital waiting room to see my baby son, he was kidnapped; taken out the back way by unknown perpetrators. I was worried over his safety and welfare. The perpetrators were one male and one female, part of a large, organized group of child predators. There was a ransom to pay, and as I made phone call after phone call, I realized that we were unable to pay the ransom. Due to our inability to pay, our precious son was severely abused. He suffered a permanent brain injury, fractured ribs, a questionable skull fracture, a slight hip fracture, substantial vision loss and a permanent facial defect that will be with him the rest of his life.

          What makes our story unique? The kidnappers are licensed foster parents; the large organization of child predators, the State of Kansas Dept. of Social & Rehabilitation Services; the ransom, the attorney we couldn't afford to hire who could have ended all of this prior to the abuse. I remember a conversation with one attorney who said that we could get just about as much justice as we could afford. How true that turned out to be for our son.

          [Unfortunately this is not unique but all to common place. I hear and see these stories every day. This one as many others only gets worse. Gregory from the ekklesia]

  • Full Story



          On April 10,1998, after a four day trial, a Marion County Jury, found Wilbur Gaston not guilty on all six charges brought against him and Pamela Meziere by the State. The State had charged him with violating two restraining orders and refusing to submit to a state ordered mental health examination. Gaston has submitted to mental health exams twice and has passed with flying colors.

          Mental health exams, restraining orders and stalking claims have become the weapon of choice for judges, D.A.s and government agencies involved in cover-ups of corruption and misconduct. Dr. Sweet, a court appointed psychiatric examiner reported in the last examination that Mr. Gaston was, "Justified in believing there is a conspiracy afoot to kidnap Mr. Gaston's daughter and sell her in the black market."

          Gaston and Meziere intentionally admitted that they violated the court orders because they were sham documents issued in furtherance of an on going conspiracy to prevent Will and Pamela from exposing the child pornography and the literal black-market selling of children by SOSCF employees in Oregon.

          Fifty three conspirators have been named in the Racketeering complaint filed by Gaston and Meziere on behalf of the children and families who have suffered at the hands of such notorious and out of control public agencies across the country. Just a few named in the complaint are Judges Gregory West, Paul Lipscomb, Don Dickey, Joseph Ochoa, Connie Haas, Pamela Abernathy, Loraine Anglemeier, Terry Leggart and Silverton Police officer Gary Robertson and Jack Mattingly, along with numerous other state employees.

          Meziere spoke boldly to the jury with scathing and poignant questions of witnesses which stunned the courtroom. The shocking story of abuse and cover-ups began to unfold in Judge Ertsgaard's courtroom. So many Judges have participated in the attempt to silence these two people fighting for the release of Gaston's daughter Melissa, that the list of misconduct, lies, and felony actions has taken monumental proportions. Officer Robertson was charged by Meziere with lying, falsifying documents, sexual abuse of children, perjury and racketeering. He admitted under oath to these criminal activities. He sat frozen and red faced as Meziere repeatedly asked him if he did falsify documents and then use them to take Malissa Gaston from the care of her father.

  • Full text

  • Blakemore attacked and Jailed.
    Cover-up and vengeance.

    Desperately out of control.March 23, 1998
    To: Gregory


    Violent taxation of the poor and helpless.
    March 25, 1998
    Like the raid on the Embassy of Heaven Church, no one is exempt when robbery is legal.
    Forwarded from
    Jim Hardin

          The January '93 issue of MIA discussed the government's draconian (and unconstitutional) seizure/forfeiture laws, and how local state and federal government agencies are seizing the assets of innocent law-abiding Americans at a rate of about 1,000 seizures per week (or 52,000 per year totaling over $800 million dollars in 1992) for alleged (but unproven) violations of government privacy, cash reporting, environmental, medical, child abuse, safety, tax, and other regulations. Although these seizures are receiving growing publicity, the number of seizures and amounts of assets being seized is continuing to grow and there is no evidence of a slowdown or cessation of the trend. In fact, all over the country, law enforcement officials are being trained in how to make more efficient, more effective, and more profitable seizures.

    [Forwarded For Information Purposes Only - Not Necessarily Endorsed By The Sender - A.K. Pritchard]

    Blakemore attacked and Jailed
    Will Gaston held in Chains

    Cover-up and vengeance. Desperately out of control.
    March 22, 1998
    Families in Oregon under siege 845-6734
    Dear Gregory at

          Today, March 23, 1998, a WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS will arrive on the desk of Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rhenquist for the release of two people being held POLITICAL PRISONERS IN OREGON - two people are in jail and a 7 year old child is being held hostage in a raging court battle to silence a newspaper and cover-up evidence of felonious acts by agents of State Offices for Services to Children and Families. WILBUR RUSSELL GASTON OF MT. ANGEL, OREGON is being held on 20,000 bail for publishing a newspaper, and DOROTHY ANN BLAKEMORE is under 15,000 bail for criminal trespass (in a public courtroom) resisting arrest and disturbing the peace after being tortured and assaulted in the courtroom by a sheriff gone berserk inciting a riot!

          On March 19, 1998, Mrs. Dottie Blakemore was a witness in the courtroom with a crowd of forty people. As 71 year old Mr. Gaston was brought into the courtroom in shackles the audience arose to their feet in honor to this man's courage in the fight for parental rights to their children. Sheriff Sergeant Dave McMullen became enraged at the crowd and attacked Mrs. Blackmore.

          Several people said hello to Mr. Gaston as well as Mrs. Blakemore. The sheriff roared in her face that she had no right to speak to his captive and she told him that she had freedom of speech in a public courtroom (court was not yet in session) This Sheriff, Dave McMullen grabbed her breast and she started screaming to ARREST THIS MAN - he is assaulting me !!! He violently assaulted the fifty year old woman and shoved her to the ground.

          Officer Papenfus, shouted at everyone that they would arrest the whole audience. Papenfus assisted in the assault. Both men put handcuffs on each of her wrists and dragged her through the court house hall to jail as she screamed in pain and terror.

    KLAMATH FALLS CORRUPTION [violating a family in Klamath County, Oregon] MARCH 18, 1998
    by Maria Jenkins

          Dear Gregory at

    By way of introduction, my name is Maria Jenkins; I am a 37 year-old law-abiding married woman with a 12 year-old son. I have never had any legal problems, not even a traffic ticket, and I have always tried to do my civic duty as a citizen in the 18 years I've lived in Klamath Falls. Now I am terrified of the people we pay to serve and protect us and of the corrupt public officials in our community who are abusing their offices of authority and violating our civil rights. And because of this I truly fear for my life and for my family.

          It all started four years ago when I and my son were subpoenaed to testify in a sex-abuse case. This case had been dropped, suspended and postponed numerous times within that four-year period and each time I would be re-subpoenaed. But before the actual trial date the District Attorney Ed Caleb and his office would have turned my and my family's life into a living hell and is maliciously continuing to do so.

          The prosecuting attorney on the Robert Todd sex-abuse case, David Groff, phoned to tell me that if I didn't come and tell them what they wanted to hear he would have me arrested. I replied that I would come to court and tell the truth and that he had no right to threaten me. Apparently that's not what he wanted to hear; what transpired next was his way of having me arrested.


    MORE and MORE CRIMINAL ABUSE [violating right in an attempt to cover up in Marion County, Oregon] MARCH 18, 1998
    by Pamela Meziere, co-director A Voice For Children

    Dear Gregory at
          March 14, 1998 "THEY HAVE ARRESTED WILL AGAIN!! This time $20,000 bail and no documents - only a warrant signed by judge Paul Lipscomb in an effort to render Mr. Will Gaston and myself unable to protect ourselves, defend ourselves and in any way they can to stop the lawsuit from going through or Melissa coming home."

          While Will was appearing in Judge Loraine Anglemeier court on an arraignment hearing. He asked her what was the venue. She told him she didn't have to tell him. Judge Loraine Anglemeier pulled out an arrest warrant signed by Judge Lipscomb. The police arrested him saying they were just doing their job. I have seen Judge Loraine Anglemeier in action.. twice, once February 4, 1997 and 15th of May, when she arrested a man for failing to appear while he was appearing. The original charge was a violation which was a non jailable offense.

    [violating right in an attempt to cover up in Marion County, Oregon] MARCH 18, 1998
    by Pamela Meziere, co-director A Voice For Children

    MORE Criminal Abuse and where are you?
    More attacks by Bureaucrats and State Employees in an attempt to cover up.
    March 14, 1998
    From: telephone number is 503-845-6734

          Dear Gregory and the good people of ekklesia,

          This situation that I find myself in with Mr. Gaston fighting for the return of his daughter is escalating beyond anything we could ever imagine ! Last Wednesday Mr. Gaston was ARRESTED while taking pictures from across the street where a orderly (ruly) protest was taking place by the families of Monitor, Oregon, trying to force the removal of the teacher/foster mother who took the pornographic movie of Melissa.

          These families have been trying to get her out for years with formal complaints to the superintendent to no avail as she has terribly abused their first grade children. The newspapers were there and many witnesses and the sheriff who took him said the orders came from "way high up" and that he did not want to be doing what he was doing.

          The state is relentlessly attacking all of our Constitutional rights and freedom to protest and to write a newspaper. I received a "memo" from presiding Judge Lipscomb that if I step into the Marion County Courthouse I will be arrested! This renders Mr. Gaston and myself vulnerable as I cannot do my paperwork and we are both sui juris and now I cannot adequately defend myself. We are forced into hearings and trials on three days notice and cannot subpoena any of the criminal witnesses that we need to hold long enough to shred under oath, with no documents and continuance denied.

          We just came out of a four day "trial" without charges and without a jury as they practice in juvenile court. The testimony we have now is unbelievable from the caseworkers and counselors we cross examined. Mr. Gaston made an opening statement four hours long describing the criminal activities of the state officers and agents and maybe got half the story on the record. We keep going in and making more of the record each time and as this keeps going we are compiling evidence under oath of these people.

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