Conditions at 9:53pm on 7/6/15

Dynamic View from the farm house. Dynamic view from Keopke Slough. This view will change every five minutes.

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Temperature and humidity

 Outside Temperature  0.0F
 Daily High Outside Temperature  0.0F at 12:00am
 Monthly High Outside Temperature  0.0F on 7/1/15
 Yearly High Outside Temperature  158.0F on 5/6/15
 Daily Low Outside Temperature  0.0F at 12:00am
 Monthly Low Outside Temperature  0.0F on 7/1/15
 Yearly Low Outside Temperature  0.0F on 5/6/15
 Outside Humidity  0%
 Wind Chill  0.0F
 Inside Temperature  70.1F


 Daily Rainfall  0.00in
 Monthly Rainfall  0.00in
 Yearly Rainfall  28.25in


 Wind Speed  3mph
 Wind Direction  SW
 Daily High Wind Gust  13mph at 12:34pm
 Yearly High Wind Gust  24mph on 5/11/15

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