Cartwheels: A Christian Preschool

Faith Lutheran Church
2741 Sherman Avenue North Bend, Oregon


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I almost have this puzzle all put together!

Small motor coordination is perfected while making a necklace of lacing and colored noodles

“I wonder what we are making?”
“Is it my turn to stir yet?”
“Tastes pretty good!”
Two year old children learn to take turns while learning to cook.

Look at the necklace I made!

Gross motor skills are practiced in a fenced play yard. Sometimes it’s nice to just rest for a moment though.

And this is how I showed Bill Gates that clouds on a blue background are a good opening logo for his programs.

One, two, Easter Eggs!

Future architect?

Lunch is on me!

One of the pictures does not have a caption. Email me with a good caption and I will select one that is appropriate and post it here soon. Keep checking back for other un-captioned pictures in the future.
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